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wire cutting stripping and tinning machine WPM-SZ-02
wire cutting stripping and tinning machine WPM-SZ-02
  • Wire Cutting Stripping And Tinning Machine WPM-SZ-02

  • Item No : WPM-SZ-02

  • Wire Cutting Stripping And Tinning Machine
    1, Can Be Double-head Tin, Single-head Twisted Tin, Double-head Twisted Tin, Ultra-short Stripping Tin
    2. The Front-end Wire Feeding Part Of The Machine Adopts Two Sets Of Feeding Reels. When The Machine Produces Ten Lines At The Same Time, The Machine Can More Stably Control The Length Of The Feeding Line, And The Back-end Part Adopts A Cylinder Brake Mechanism To Perform Back-skin Peeling.
    3, The Main Use Of The PLC Control System, Its Simple Operation, Accurate Positioning, High Accuracy, Long Life, And Other Characteristics. 
    Model WPM-SZ-02
    Power Supply AC220V/50HZ
    Productivity 20000-25000pcs/h
    Processing Range AWG#32-AWG#14(Another Wire Diameter Can Be Customized)
    Cutting Length 8mm-99999mm
    Peeling Length 0.1mm-10mm
    Twisting Wire Length 0.1-10mm
    Air Pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
    Dimension 1200-800-1200
    Weight 370KG

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Detailed description
WPM-SZ-02 Multifunction multi-wire cut strip twisting tinning machine, Multifunction Multi-Wire Cut Strip Twisting Tinning Machine, Make Wire Stripping Machine, Full Automatic Both End Cutting Stripping Twisting Tinning Machine

1, can be double-head tin, single-head twisted tin, double-head twisted tin, ultra-short stripping tin
2. The front-end wire feeding part of the machine adopts two sets of feeding reels. When the machine produces ten lines at the same time, the machine can more stably control the length of the feeding line, and the back-end part adopts a cylinder brake mechanism to perform back-skin peeling.
3, the main use of the PLC control system, its simple operation, accurate positioning, high accuracy, long life, and other characteristics. 

Model WPM-SZ-02
Power supply AC220V/50HZ
Productivity 20000-25000pcs/h
Processing range AWG#32-AWG#14(Another wire diameter can be customized)
Cutting length 8mm-99999mm
Peeling length 0.1mm-10mm
Twisting wire length 0.1-10mm
Air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa
Dimension 1200-800-1200
Weight 370KG
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