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  • How to operate Touch Screen Coiling & Binding Machine, Winding count for Output count. It only records the yield of binding wire, with No record of the yield of coiling wire. Long press ‘Long press reset, output count for "0", Two parameters of Binding wire: Kink number, Thread length (Feeding tie wire length)
  • How operation WPM-09T Wire Stripping Cutting and Twisting Machine,Wire stripping parameters include basic wire processing parameters: Wire Head and Tail, Diameter of Wire Core, Knife Retreating, Speed, Total, Batch, Qty, Program No., etc; Wire Twisting parameters include Twisting Wire Head and Tail, Wire Head Length
  • How to operate Coaxial cable stripping machine WPM-8608,1. Start: is a device running switch and the display starts. 2. Stop: Press this button and the machine will stop urgently. If you want to restart it, press the "Reset" button.
  • How to operate Full-automatic Wire Stripping Machine WPM-MAX2, Once the machine is powered on, the screen display a boot screen, about three seconds will display this picture; the machine begins to run, in the picture on the screen; otherwise, the machine could not start; Output settings: The machine when in standby mode press; the gross parameter set to begin to flicker,
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